Preparing for marriage webinar

You’re making huge preparations for your wedding, the biggest event of your life, but are you also preparing for marriage?

As a wedding celebrant and bridal health & wellness coach we speak regularly to bridal couples-to-be where we hear all about their wedding plans, the highs of planning like finding the dream venue and dress alongside the lows like the financial pressures and challenging family dynamics.

When we speak to our couples, its about why they’re getting married or what will being married mean for them? Most people can’t answer straight away. Amongst all the decision making and busyness of everyday life, bridal couples are planning weddings but they’re not preparing for marriage.

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The bigger conversations on marriage used to take place in church but with church weddings in decline and divorce rates at their highest since 2014, there’s got to be a correlation right?

Don’t you think we should be having these bigger discussions before we prepare to marry someone for the rest of our life?

In Europe, a partner is asked “Shall we get engaged?” and it’s not until years down the line sometimes that they are asked “Will you marry me?”, sort of like a taste of being married before getting married but with no wedding planning. They take the time to prepare themselves for marriage rather than going straight into wedding planning.

We think bigger discussions around expectations and values on marriage are absolutely imperative after 23 years of marriage between us, that is why we (Helen, Celebrant of Surrey and Vicci, The Healthy Bride Guide) would like to invite you to join us for a session on Zoom on Thursday 23rd March 2023, at 7.30pm to discover how to begin these big conversations that we believe every bridal couple should be having when they are engaged to be married.

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In this live session on zoom. You will learn:

How to prepare for your marriage not just your wedding day

Why there is a correlation to lower rates of church weddings and higher divorce rates

How you can bridge the gap between the fellowship, faith, guidance and accountability of being married in a church family and the legalities of being married in a registry office.

How you can prepare for the adventure of marriage – be adventure ready rather than just wedding ready

How you can introduce these bigger discussions into your engagement in preparation for your 2023 wedding

This session will be live with Helen, Vicci and other 2023 bridal couples and we hope to have time for Q&A.

There will be something special to hear LIVE on this call and we’d love for you to be the first to hear it as it will only be available for 7 days after the call.

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We’d absolutely love to see you there!

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