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by | Apr 17, 2021 | Weddings, Your Ceremony

It’s a ‘100% Yes you can’ when you choose an independent celebrant.   Why would you just step into the unknown as you hit the heart of the big day?

Getting married is a legally binding contract and if you feel you need to do the paper work whilst dressed in your refinery with all the guest seeing the signing as a bit of an opportunity for a catch with the person sat in-front of them – then crack on.  It totally suits some people, BUT think about all the choices you are giving up.

Here are 5 examples of the Ceremony choices you can give up with a registrar OR you can actually embrace with me as an independent celebrant.

  • IF you want to be able to say what you want to say to your spouse – in the way you want to say it…
  • IF you want to have any reading or say any song lyrics or poem you want..
  • IF you want to say your vows outside in a field, by a lake, in the woods, or in the gardens
  • IF you want to not have a stranger in the room, in a suit telling you what you are going to promise

IF you want step up the aisle having not had a rehearsal

You might be have been planning the big day in your head, in your dreams, for as long as you can remember.  You may have imagined you walking up the aisle with your best friend as your bridesmaid, or with a best man by your side…..BUT when you start walking?  When does the best man step forward?   Where is your Granma going to stand when she does a reading for you….?  And will the page boy walk up to a stranger?
All these questions will get answered at the rehearsal, and can be practiced.

 By having a Celebrant led wedding, you get creative control over the heart of the day – the Ceremony!   Over the months together my couples will find their ‘why’ , they will find their motivation and base line to what it is that they are going to build the foundations of their marriage on.  It turns out that adding the legally binding pressure to the day might be one thing that you would rather do just the two of you with your two witness, on a Thursday morning for example, and following that will a bozzy lunch somewhere fun is actually your IDEAL.  It means their pressures is lifted on the big day.  The ‘legals; have been done, and the wedding event and the front page of your book called MARRIAGE can being in exactly the way you want it!

Your story

Everyone loves a love story, and by having me in your pocket, we build a relationship.  I hear your story so far, and I hear your dreams and aspirations for your married life together. During the ceremony, lots of little personal touches and references can come through, and the ceremony will be what people remember – not just the food!  They are part of your story too and are so happy to be there watching you both commit to each other and to be able to share in your happiness – In a way that lights everyone up – because there are shared memories in the room, and the guest are invested in your happiness

 Your style

If you don’t have a Celebrant who knows your story, and is actually a chosen supplier, you will be left with a registrar who reads from a script that 800 other couples are having read to them that day across the country.  Its not 100% personal to you.  Now, don’t get me wrong, you can pick your readings with a registrar, and you can pick music but you have to submit them AND get them authorized to be used in a legally binding contract situations.   That means you have to submit ALL your ceremony content  – the reading in their entirety, the music and ALL the lyrics of any track you might be having.  It must be completely impartial and make no reference to thing other than basic humanity.  No spirituality, no cultural references, no ‘we hope Mum is looking down on us today as we….”

You as a couple might want to have a little ceremonial touch of family cultures, or traditions which with a celebrant – Helen Noble – you can. I can weave in all your style, all your requests, and any little touches or ‘nod to’s into the script.

By having control over your ceremony makes it stylish, make sit personal, makes I memorable for all the right reasons, but above all, makes it about YOU – your hopes, dreams and aspirations.


So if you are thinking HECK YES then get in touch and lets see what we can design and make possible for you and your amazing wedding day and the life long memories will shall make!

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