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by | Jun 27, 2021 | Weddings, Your Ceremony

With outside weddings opening up, it’s not just ‘whimsical weddings’ that can be outside.   Whilst I love a bit of fairy dust, lanterns and flower crowns  (I always feel left out and want a flower crown myself when taking a wedding :-0)  … you can also weave in lace and a touch of Boho and pampa grasses.  Then you can have a structure, rugs and a lake, or bluebells, alfresco dining and live musicians,…. With all of these styles, I like a bit of LUX thrown in!

What does that really mean – effort wise?

It means it’s not for the lazy or unimaginative couple – unless of course you are brilliant at delegating and have the budget for some awesome suppliers  (yours truly included obviously!)  – then fill your boots and count me in.  But otherwise, it means you tend to have to think about a lot more than if you were to have your wedding in a wedding ready room.  

 So having it outside means you have to decide how much you want to  ‘dress’ it yourself, how much structure and formality you want and how much you want the back drop to play it’s part.  You do of course, also need to consider having a plan B – so either rain or heatwaves!

I’d say ‘wedding planners’ in your ear so you can have support and really enjoy creating your vision

 I absolute LOVE an outdoor wedding and here are a few shots.

Marriage v’s wedding – what?

Marriage is the legally binding contract and wedding is an ‘event’ so you can separate the two.  Registrar’s register births, deaths and marriages.  They don’t witness a birth; they don’t witness the death – they ‘register’ it.  So, you don’t need them to be present at your ‘wedding’.  They just need to ‘register’ your marriage and put you in the system.

 Of course, that is a big deal, and they need to check you are not being forced into marriage and it’s all legally sound… but all the ‘ceremonial’ bits like the aisle walk, the rings, the readings, an address… basically the whole content of the ceremony – will be done by me! (or another celebrant of course  J) and we can add in all sorts of magical stylistic things, as well actually telling YOUR story and not just reading off a generic script that the country over is hearing at every other wedding.

But I want a ‘signing’….

Well, I would say that you ‘sign’ the register with the registrar and people quite want ‘that’ shot but they have stopped doing that now and it’s all digital. 

I always offer a signing shot anyway and make up a lovely certificate for you to mark the day and sign (it’s pretty for the back of the loo door – not one for the passport office lol :-)) . 

 Couples tend to do the legally binding bit ahead of the ceremony.  Sometimes that might be in another country months before, but it might be that same week or even the morning off – whenever you choose to do ‘the legals’ – but by doing those ahead, frees you up to have flexibility, freedom of choice in the content of your ceremony, and to write your own vows. Plus of course, with a celebrant, they are your chosen supplier. You will have chosen your celebrant.  You would have met them, got to know each other, and they will guide you through.

The Law

The law has changed in the last week however and registrar’s (due to the pandemic) can now (as of last week) marry you outside. 

All the other rules apply – like submitting your readings and all lyrics to your music as they have to check it’s completely agnostic and totally impartial to all religion and spirituality. So, my point still stands.  Freedom to choose the content of your wedding, the timings of your wedding and the vibe of your wedding all still are enabled by having a celebrant led wedding.

Make your wedding shout ‘YOU’ – its’ yours and your spouse’s day. 

An outside celebrant wedding really really brings the heart of the day – the ceremony – to life! 

 If you believe the wedding ceremony to be at the heart of your wedding, then do your legals ahead, and have a stress free, rule free celebrant led outside wedding! (Even the covid rules play in your favour for an outside ceremony!)

 Here are some more pics – in case you needed any more convincing a celebrant outside wedding is absolutely the way forward!

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